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Deadlines: April 1 May 1** & October 1

Frances R. Dewing Foundation
P.O. Box 26068
Alexandria, VA 22313

* Please send six copies of a detailed
description of your project.

Thank you for your interest in the Francis R. Dewing Foundation. The proposal guidelines should be helpful to you in determining if your project fits our requirements.

Your project description should include a budget, so that we can specifically see where our funding would be applied. In addition, we welcome supplementary materials (photos, tapes, reports, etc.) to support your proposal (one copy will be fine).

Please use our summary form as the first page of your proposal. The proposal summary and guideline forms are provided to download from links at the top of this page. We also ask that you include a self-addressed stamped envelope to facilitate acknowledgment of receipt of the proposal. Finally, if there is any question of your tax-exempt status, please include verification.

The Trustees of the Frances R. Dewing Foundation decided to narrow the scope of the Foundation guidelines, interpreting early childhood education in real terms, thus excluding educational programs aimed at teens or adults. This was necessitated by the overwhelming number of applications and our limited funds. The Foundation also excludes funding for capital campaigns, operating expenses and general funds. Funding is also limited to organizations within the United States.

The FRD Foundation accepts applications throughout the year. However, the trustees meet twice a year to allocate funds. The deadlines for these two meetings are April 1 and October 1. Please contact us should you have any questions.

Information on how to apply to the Foundation.
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** Because of the unprecedented societal impact of COVID-19 we are extending our Spring deadline to May 1st 2020. We are also accepting applications via email. Email proposals to